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Nadodrze Venues Team Up For Special Culinary Weekend

This weekend numerous bars, cafes and restaurants across the Nadodrze district will serve special dishes for 10zł as part of the ‘Specjały Nadodrza’ project. 

The organisers of the culinary weekend hope it will bring more people to the Nadodrze district, which has undergone a noticeable amount of gentrification in recent times.

A total of 17 venues are taking part, each of which will prepare a dish especially for the occasion.

According to the event’s Facebook Page, each dish “is an original interpretation of traditional flavors brought to Wrocław from various regions of Poland and the world”.

In all of the participating venues you can try enjoy one of the dishes plus a drink for just just 10zł.

The full list of venues and dishes is as follows:

cafe rozrusznik
Cybulskiego 15
– brownie with peanut butter 
– drip coffee
Pomorska 19
– tiramisu
– espresso
Wroclov Bar
Wąska 5 
– pancakes with cinnamon
– tea
Rydygiera 25/27
sb 10-18
– sweet and savoury tarts
– raspberry tea
Znasz Ich Cafe-Bistro
Rydygiera 25B
– butter ‘rogal’ with hummus 
– lemon and ginger infused tea
Cafe Równik 
Jedności Narodowej 47
– creamy roast beetroot soup
– lime flavoured tea
Egg Cafe
Jedności Narodowej 62/1A
– sausage rolls and sauce
– iced tea
Cafe Le Miracle
Jedności Narodowej 37
– cake with gingerbread ice cream
– apple and strawberry tea
pl. Bema 6
sb 11-23 / nd 11-22
– mini burger ‘Jędrek’
– homemade lemonade with apples and pears
Green Bus
Dubois 2/1a
– vegan racuch
– lemonade or tea
Tacos Locos
Cybulskiego 1a
– a selection of four warm soups
– autumn tea
Pomiędzy Cafe&Bistro
Dubois 2
– tomato bean ‘mess’ with fried egg and aromatic spices
– mulled dry wine with homemade syrup
Bistro Narożnik
Rydygiera 30
– cod fingers in tempura batter served with beetroot sprouts and roasted sesame, plus a sweet and spicy Thai sauce
– a glass of Spanish beer
ZENKA cafe
Dubois 41
Sb 14-21 / 14-19
– beetroot gnocchi stuffed with mascarpone; served in a cream sauce with walnuts and parsley
– mulled wine
OGIEŃ Pizza Rzemieślnicza
Pomorska 39
sb 12-22 / nd 12-22
– cannoli with ricotta and nutella
– home-made cupcakes

Pijna Sprawa
Dubois 4
– butterscotch and chocolate rice cone
– wBrew porter made with coffee from Etno Cafe
TATIN Bistro
Plac strzelecki 24
– cassoulet with croutons
– warm tea

Gregor Gowans

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