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EkoBazar Moves To Browar Mieszczański

Competition between EkoBazar and Bazar Smakoszy heats up

Wrocław’s ecological market, traditionally held every Saturday morning, has moved to a new location.

The ‘EkoBazar’ market had been organised on Tęczową street for some time, but has now switched to the more attractive Browar Mieszczański.

For those who are disadvantaged by the change, the organisers of EkoBazar have decided to launch a home delivery service (operating by e-mail & phone).


The EkoBazar market has long specialised in certified organic products including fruit and vegetables, bread, fresh meat and fish, plus dairy products and jams. On top of that, the market offers more eco-friendly non-food items like cosmetics or home cleaning products.

Browar Mieszczański was of course once the original of home of Wrocławski Bazar Smakoszy, a similar ‘high-end’ market that offers quality regional and international produce. 


Gepostet von Wrocławski Bazar Smakoszy am Montag, 6. August 2018

Last winter Bazar Smakoszy decided they had to move to another location due to the road and tram-track works that were taking place, which made it difficult to get to Browar Mieszczański.

With most of the that work now complete, EkoBazar have wasted no time in taking up the spot that had been left vacant by their unofficial rivals. 

Keen not to be undone, Bazar Smakoszy appear to have immediately reacted by running on both Saturdays and Sundays – with the Saturday market taking place on Tęczową street (nearby where EkoBazar used to be).

Gepostet von Wrocławski Bazar Smakoszy – Tęczowa am Samstag, 6. Oktober 2018

EkoBazar’s move means that people living in the Południe district now have two specialist food markets to choose from every weekend. The EkoBazar runs on Saturdays between 8am and 3pm at Browar Mieszczański, while Bazar Smakoszy operates on Sundays at ul. Paczkowska 26 between 10am and 3pm. 

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