‘Lime’ Electric Scooter System To Come To Wrocław

According to reports in Rzeczpospolita, the ‘Lime’ electric scooter rental system is coming to Wrocław in a matter of days.

The national newspaper report that “the streets of the capital of Lower Silesia will be flooded by a fleet of several hundred scooters” this week.

The rental system will work in a similar manner to the bike, electric moped and electric car systems that currently operate in the city. Registered users need to simply use the app to locate and ‘unlock’ one of the scooters, then park and ‘lock’ the scooter in a safe place once finished. The app would then charge each user via the app at the end of each journey. 

The price of the rental has not yet been announced. In Berlin, the closest city to Wrocław where Lime operate, a 30 minute rental of an e-bike costs €5.50. One would however expect that the rental charges would be cheaper here in Wrocław. 

Lime are valued at over $ 1 billion and they currently provide e-scooter rentals in over 100 cities in seven countries around the world.

We are focused on Wrocław because it is open to the idea of ​​sustainable, shared mobility.

Marek Łusiak, General Director of Lime Poland

The e-scooters will allow Wrocławians with or without a driving licence to zoom around the city at their heart’s content (or until the scooter’s battery dies).

However should Lime’s system catch on to the extent it has in the US, it could pose some problems. There have for example been a number of complaints about the e-scooters causing accidents.

Given that they are a relatively new invention, the e-scooters also arguably operate within a regulatory gap. Therefore it’s unclear as to where e-scooter users should ride. Should they use cycle lanes, pavements or roads? This is something the Government will have to decide if the e-scooters catch on big time.

On top of that, there’s also the issue of where the e-scooters should be ‘parked’ when they are unused. The Lime rental system allows e-scooters to effectively be parked anywhere, resulting in some lazy users simply dumping the scooters on the pavement.

Despite Rzeczpospolita reporting that the rental system is due to go live in Wrocław this week, little else is known about precisely when and how Lime will launch. When we do have some concrete info we will keep you updated via our Facebook page.

Gregor Gowans

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