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New Places To Check Out In Wrocław This October

From fast food to fine dining, here's our summary of new places open in Wrocław

Wrocław’s culinary scene is constantly evolving as venues come and go. Here’s our latest summary of new places in town. Kebs
First up is Kebz, a kebab shop in Ołbin that claims to offer kebabs a cut above anyone else in Wrocław. Initial reviews suggest Kebz’s kebabs are indeed better than you’d get at the many run-of-the-mill kebab shops in town. However by the same token few have really got carried away and been brave enough to compare it with some of the famous kebab houses in Berlin. Is it worth trekking up north for a Kebz kebab? We’d love to hear from those who’ve already been.

Taki Ramen https://www.instagram.com/p/BoYuWY6BMvU/?taken-by=takiramen_ The likes of Panda Ramen and Osiem Misek have helped to popularise ramen in Wrocław; now we have another place specialising in this current trend.  Just like Kebz, Taki Ramen is located in Ołbin on Nowowiejska street. 

Thali (on Ruska Street) https://www.instagram.com/p/Bor-8qahZZu/?taken-at=245708372806197 In the last few years some of Wrocław’s most popular restaurants have started to expand to incorporate 2,3 or even more locations. One of the latest to make the leap towards a second location is Indian restaurant Thali, who’ve taken up the spot on Ruska street left vacant by Mo Vegan Burger. We gave the original Thali in Grunwaldzki the thumbs up last year and now its great to see they have a sister restaurant bang in the centre of town.

Oda Bistro
Those with a passion for contemporary posh-nosh should look no further than Oda Bistro, located on Cybulskiego street in the Nadodrze district.  A quick look at Oda Bistro’s Facebook snaps shows that is a place that seems to be modelling itself on the ultra-modern approach of exclusive Scandinavian restaurants like Noma. Naturally the place is anything but cheap, however the prices are not as sky-high either. A three course tasting menu costs about 50zł.

Mo’jo sandwiches
The latest food truck to become a fully-fledged restaurant is Mojo Sandwiches, who’ve set up shop on Św. Mikołaja street.  The food truck specialises in different sandwiches from around the world; the restaurant is no different.

Inna Bajka https://www.instagram.com/p/BowcmgEDl_p/?taken-by=innabajka_wroclaw One of the cheapest spots for Polish food (apart from milk bars of course) has long been Brajt on Odrzanska street. The budget restaurant went downhill some time ago however, and now a new Polish eatery has sprung up in its place. Traditional fare is very much the order of the day here, but whether the quality has improved or not we’ll have to wait and see.

All of the venues in this article were compiled with the aid of info from the excellent food blog wroclawskiejedzenie.pl and its sister page wroclovefood.pl.

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