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Piwo Uncut: Five Beers To Try During Octoberfest

In order to bring you reviews of the most interesting and flavour packed beers currently on the go, we’ve teamed up with Marynka Piwo i Aperitivo, the city’s best venue for craft beer and pizza.

Each month we visit Marynka Piwo i Aperitivo to sample the latest and greatest craft beer offerings from Poland and beyond.

This month we’re reviewing Spiczlerz EuropyKocham TruskawkęBreakLemon Earl Grey and Różowa Pantera.

Spichlerz Europy, Browar Kazimierz (5%)


Browar Kazimierz, a brewery in Podłęże (about 20km east of Kraków), mark their debut on Wrocław Uncut with this Hefeweizen. For anyone interested, the beer’s name translates as “The granary of Europe”.

Spichlerz Europy has a cloudy, dark-yellow colour and a small white frothy head. The beer’s aromas of banana and cloves are strong in its nose. The banana and clove are also pretty dominant in the taste, with a hint of bubblegum in there too. Despite all this, the beer is still on the dry side.

All in all, Spichlerz Europy’s clove-like aftertaste rounds off what is generally a smooth and tasty experience. It is a worthy rival to any good German-brewed Hefeweizen and a very solid Piwo Uncut debut.

Kocham Truskawke, Browar na Jurze (0.5%)


Our second beer this month is simply labelled as “non-alcoholic love”.

Kocham Truskawke has a red creamy colour with an aroma of strawberry and malts. The beer predictably has flavours of strawberry but also black elderberry (its juice was used in its brewing). On top of that you have a medium bitterness thanks to the usual IPA suspects of cascade, simcoe, mosaic and amarillo.

One almost has to remind oneself that this full-flavoured and somewhat hoppy beer has only 0.5% alcohol. Kocham Truskawke’s sweet-sour-bitter taste is refreshing too, so this is one to be recommended.

Break, Browar Nepomucen (5.7%)


Next up is ‘Break’, a Black Oatmeal IPA from Browar Nepomucen.

Copper in colour and with a frothy white head, Break has aromas of malts, pine and pear. The beer itself is fairly fruity and sweet, with flavours of pear, watermelon, lollipop, citrus and caramel all present. The added taste of pine nicely balances the sweetness, as does the bitterness that remains in the aftertaste. Oats also give the beer an earthy base.

Break almost feels like a compote, but the hops and oats make this a very tasty IPA indeed.

Asami – Lemon Earl Grey, Browar Deer Bear (5.3%)


Our fourth beer of the month is ‘Asami’, a ‘Lemon Earl Grey’ American Pale Ale.

This has an orange colour and a white head, while hints of tea, lemon, pineapple and hops present in the aroma. Meanwhile the APA’s main flavours are bergamot (a fruit used in earl grey often described as a lime-orange hybrid with a sweet/sour, bitter and floral flavour), as well as sweet lemon. It also has notes of orange and a distinct hoppy bitterness. There’s even a hint of tannic bitterness in there too.

If you like earl grey and beer, you’ll take to this new brew no bother – it tastes a bit like a sweet earl grey with lemon and hops added to it.

Różowa Pantera, Browar na Jurze (7%)


Our final beer, ‘Różowa Pantera’ (Pink Panther in English), is branded as a ‘Freestyle IPA’.

Embodying a hazy pink colour and a mild white head, Różowa Pantera boasts an aroma of malts and grapefruit. When it comes to the taste, you’ll detect sweet pink grapefruit, mango and caramel. The addition of rosemary to this mildly bitter beer doesn’t quite pay dividends though; it seems to be more for marketing than for taste. It does nonetheless contribute to the beer’s slightly spicy and herby finish.

With so many different IPAs being brewed in Poland, some breweries are adding somewhat unusual flavours and features in order to stand out. Unfortunately this beer does not quite achieve that aim, but it is nonetheless eminently drinkable.

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Ian Maloy

Ian is a singing teacher who has been living in Wrocław for several years. Dobrze mówi po polsku. Ian can often be found in town eating excellent vegan/vegetarian food, drinking beer from micro-breweries, bird-watching around Lower Silesia, jogging by the Odra, lighting candles in the Russian Orthodox church and banging his head in various moshpits to Polish metal/hardcore bands.

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