Biedronka To Take Over 2 Of Wrocław’s Piotr i Pawel Stores

Two Wrocław branches of struggling supermarket chain Piotr i Pawel will become Biedronka stores.

As we reported last week, Piotr i Pawel appear to be losing out big time to the discounters.

This is not largely down to frugality among shoppers, but the extended product range of discount supermarkets like Biedronka, Lidl and Aldi. All of the aforementioned three now stock a limited range of the type of premium or exotic products once only found in the likes of Alma or Piotr i Pawel.

Piotr i Pawel’s restructuring plan involves selling off stores they feel do not attract enough of the high-income shoppers that value their premium brand. Here in Wrocław, the first two branches to become Biedronka supermarkets are the locations at Tarasy Grabiszyńskie and Galeria Pilczycka.

The company’s goal is to run a chain of stores in the segment for more demanding customers. One of the elements of this plan is the sale of those locations that were not optimally matched to the traditional model of Piotr and Paweł.

Aleksander Rosa , a spokesperson for the Piotr i Paweł network

Employees of the affected Piotr i Pawel stores will all be offered work at the new Biedronka supermarkets. The two branches will change hands on Friday. 

Gregor Gowans

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