New ‘City-Based Game’ To Explain Wrocław’s Multinational History

A new ‘city-based game’ organised by Wrocław City Council promises to shed light on Wrocław’s multinational history.

According to the organisers, the game will allow participants to learn about the international figures who have made an impact in the city over the years.

We invite you to participate in our city game “Wroclaw as a multinational city”! Together, we will solve many varied and interesting riddles which will help us to understand Wroclaw’s history and its multiculturalism better! Together, we will find out who owned the Royal Palace, which Nobel prize winners are linked with the University of Wroclaw, which event sped up the urban development of our city and much more.

The 1st edition of the game takes place at Plac Nowy Targ on Friday the 5th October at 4.30pm. There will also be a second opportunity to take part on Saturday the 13th of October at 10.00am. The game lasts around 4 hours and will be conducted in English.

Registration for both events is open till the 3rd October. To take part, simply send an email to [email protected] or telephone 603 750 649.

Gregor Gowans

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