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Man Fined 500zł For Handing Out Free Beer

Earlier this month a man was fined 500zł for carrying out a promo stunt for Żywiec’s non-alcoholic beer. 

The photo above, taken by Wrocław’s city guards, shows the man in question handing out free cans of Żywiec’s non-alcoholic beer. He was standing on Kazimierza Wielkiego nearby Kino Nowe Horyzonty.

Due to the promo stunt taking place within the center of Wrocław, it violated the law of the ‘Cultural Park‘. The Cultural Park rules, which apply in areas in and around the Old Town, forbid activities relating to the promotion of products or services.

The man, who was presumably paid to do the stunt by Żywiec’s marketing department, was fined fined 500zł. It isn’t known whether Żywiec have covered the price of the fine.

The popularity of non-alcoholic beer has shot up on in Poland this year; some estimates put the growth rate as high as 73%.


Gregor Gowans

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