Timetable For Vienna-Wrocław-Berlin Night Train Revealed

Starting from December 9th, Wrocław will have a new rail connection to Berlin and Vienna thanks to a changed night train route.

The new service is a result of the EN476 Metropol changing its existing route to incorporate Wrocław.

As it stands, the night train runs from Berlin to Dresden and Prague before moving onto Bratislava and Budapest. However in December of this year the new route will see the train go through south-west Poland instead. This means that people living in Rzepin, Zielona Góra, Głogów, Wrocław, Opole, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Racibórz and Chałupki will all be able to use the train to travel to Berlin and Vienna.

Passengers should also be able to get to Budapest using the same train, as at some point (probably at Breclav or Bohumin) the carriages will be split and then attached to separate locomotives.

Full details of the Budapest service are not yet known, however the timetable for the Vienna-Wrocław-Berlin route has now been published.

The train will depart Wrocław for Vienna at 22.46, arriving at precisely 7am – allowing you to head straight to a cafe for a pastry and Viennese coffee.


The journey home begins at 22.10, with the night train pulling into Wrocław Głowny just after 5am.


In theory, the timetable will allow passengers travelling on Friday and Sunday the chance to spend virtually the whole weekend in Austria’s capital.

The same is more or less true in the other direction, as Wrocławians will be able to go to Berlin early in the morning and then return at 18.30.

Standard tickets on the route, when purchased in advance, will likely cost 29 euros in one direction.

However sleeping places will probably be a lot more expensive. OBB, who will run the night train, currently charge 49 euros for a couchette in a 6-bed compartment. A cabin for two costs 89 euros per person. Prices from Wrocław have not yet been published though, so there may be some kind of promotion available.

For those interested in travel between Wrocław and Berlin, expect tickets to cost in the region of 19-29 euros depending on how far in advance you make your booking.

Gregor Gowans

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