Wrocław’s Councilors Vote In Favour Of Twinning With Oxford

Wrocław’s councilors have voted unanimously in favour of Wrocław becoming a twin city with Oxford.

Wrocław is already twinned with a number of cities including Lviv, Kaunas, Hradec Kralove, Dresden, Charlotte and Guadalajara. Bonn, Grenoble and Leon are among those twinned with Oxford. 

Back in April, Oxford City Council made it clear they wanted to add more twin cities so as to establish more international links post-Brexit. They then decided to approach Wrocław due to its reputation as an established University city.

“The city council decided after the Brexit vote that whatever happened nationally we wanted to keep Oxford an international city so we wanted more twinning links.

We realised we had not got a link in the east of the EU. We looked at Latvia and Bulgaria and others and it became obvious that the biggest single group [of Eastern Europeans] who live in Oxford are from Poland.

Obviously they came from lots of different places and we looked at all kinds of cities, but what appeals about Wroclaw is that it’s an established university city but has not got a twin city in the UK.”

John Tanner, councillor 

The twin-city arrangement was given the green light by Wrocław’s councilors yesterday and is now a formality.

A representative of Wrocław’s magistrate is quoted as saying the partnership will allow the two cities to cooperate in the fields of “education, environmental protection, entrepreneurship, culture, art, monument protection and sport.”

Gregor Gowans

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