Leaked Video Shows Brutal Gang Attack In City-centre Nightclub

Local newspaper Gazeta Wrocławska have obtained a shocking video that shows a man being brutally pounced on by a gang in a city-centre nightclub.

The video, which was sent in anonymously, can be seen here.

During the clip four men can be seen walking down the stairs in the corridor area next the entrance to the dancefloor. The men then exchange couple of brief words with a man who had been standing around the entrance. Within a matter of seconds, the man is knocked to the ground by a vicious punch from one of the men who had just entered the club. 40 seconds of continuously kicking and punching then followed. At one point during the video, one man from the group of four even appears to pull out a gun.

The victim of the beating lost consciousness during the attack and also suffered a broken jaw.

According to Gazeta Wrocławska, the beating occurred on the weekend of June 15th-16th. The name of the nightclub has not been mentioned, presumably for legal reasons.

Iwona Jurkiewicz, a spokeswoman for Poland’s Central Bureau of Police Investigation, has confirmed that the incident captured in the video is subject to an investigation. She also told Gazeta Wrocławska that the brutality seen in the footage is “reminiscent of the criminal groups of the 90s”. 

The 4 men who participated in the attack are thought to be part of a gang who are involved in drug trafficking. The suspects were arrested two months ago during a raid in which several illegal drugs and fake firearms were discovered.

Gregor Gowans

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