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No Takers For Piwnica Świdnicka Lease

The city are looking for a whopping 39,000zł a month in rent

The deadline for bids to takeover historic restaurant Piwnica Świdnicka has passed without anyone expressing an interest.

Back in January the centuries old venue, which dates all the way back to 1273, closed its doors due to the dire financial state of the company who were renting the premises.

Around six years ago, the same company faced losing the restaurant when their contract with the city expired. However they held onto the lease after arguing the original contract granted them the right to extend its duration.

The restaurant was then renovated, however the historic beer hall’s fortunes could not be revived.

At the time it closed, Tripadvisor ranked Piwnica Świdnicka as being in 591st place out of of 692 Restaurants in Wroclaw (although admittedly Tripdavisor is not always the best when it comes to ranking restaurants). Bad value and poor service appear to have blighted Piwnica Świdnicka, with 34% of Tripadvisor diners rating the venue either poor or terrible.

When the company holding the lease ran into severe financial difficulty, the city took the necessary measures in order to take the restaurant back into their hands. After doing so they then launched a tender process to find the best company to take over the restaurant.

However after several months not one bid had been submitted and the restaurant remains empty. The city will now try again, hoping that this time someone actually expresses an interest in Piwnica Świdnicka.

According to Radio Wrocław, the City Council are looking for a rental agreement worth a minimum of 39,000zł per month. They also expect the company to renovate the restaurant at their own cost. Given all these hurdles, it comes as little surprise that nobody has submitted a bid.

Gregor Gowans

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