‘Ceramics Express’ Provides Free Transport To Bolesławiec Pottery Festival

The special train departs on Saturday at 9am and returns at 6.40pm

Anyone travelling to Bolesławiec on Saturday for the town’s annual pottery festival can do so for free by taking Koleje Dolnośląskie’s ‘ceramics express’.

The special service departs Wrocław’s Main Railway at 9.00, with the return journey from Bolesławiec leaving at 18.40. The journey (in one direction) should take around 90 minutes.

The program of the pottery festival includes exhibitions, a flea market and pottery workshops.

Should you decide to stick around for the evening, they’ll be live music from ‘Sound’n’Grace’ – a 27-member choir who perform gospel, soul and funk.

Ceramics and pottery are of course a key part of Bolesławiec’s identity. The town itself is frequently referred to as Miasto Ceramiki (Town of ceramics). Indeed, it is virtually unthinkable to mention the place without commenting on the ceramics that have been produced there for over a thousand years. Naturally, Bolesławiec is proud of this and the festival is an ideal way for the town to celebrate its ceramics heritage.

Gregor Gowans

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