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New Places To Check Out In Wrocław This August

Wrocław’s culinary scene is constantly evolving as venues come and go. Here’s our latest summary of new places in town. ForestBar
The last of the summer bars? Quite possibly. Arriving relatively late onto the scene this summer is ForestBar, an outdoor bar and cafe by the entrance to Anders park. ForestBar seems to offer the same kind of vibe and drinks selection you’ll find at most summer bars, however its location in the north of Krzyki is ideal for the many people who live in the area. The green surroundings are another plus. 

Replacing Le Chef on Więzienna street is NieInna, a bakery and wine bar. Various snacks complimenting their bread are available for around the 15zł mark, while a Czech beer here will cost you 8.5zł. The main attraction is of course the wine though. Wrocław does already have similar concepts in the shape of Pochlebna and Charlotte, so it will be interesting to see how Nielnna fare.

Bowlife, a food truck currently camped out at Słodowa Beach Bar, does offer a new concept though (in Wrocław terms at least). Here the main attraction are ‘eat clean’ fruit and vegetable bowls, which are apparently a bit of a thing over in Warsaw right now. Personally it looks like a bit of a gimmick to me, but each to their own!

Craft na Manhattanie
Another new outdoor venue to spend the last nights of the summer is Craft na Manhattanie, a joint venture that’s brought together some of Wrocław’s best venues.  Craft beer is provided by Kontynuacja, while Panczo are just one of few trucks on site providing hot grub.  As you can guess by the name, the bar is located in Wrocław’s ‘Manhattan’ area nearby Grunwaldzki bridge.

Ever since Polish Lody burst onto the scene countless ice cream parlours have jumped on the ‘natural ice cream’ bandwagon. Few of these places have managed to catch people’s imagination, but one of the exceptions is Krasnalód. Starting out as little stall in the Traugutta area, the ice cream entrepreneurs have gone from strength to strength recently. Their latest expansion has seen them open a full-on ice cream parlour on Włodokowica – one of Wrocław’s most gastronomic streets.

W Trójkącie

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Much like Nadodrze, Wrocław’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’ district has undergone a fair amount of gentrification recently.  While that might not entirely be good news for everyone, it is true that more dining options are coming to the area (Folgujemy being a very good example).  One of the latest venues to open up in the area is W Trójkącie, a bakery and pizzeria rolled into one. Although the concept is not that original, W Trójkącie does sport a rather attractive interior and it is great to see more choice come to this neighbourhood.

Other places worth checking out: Pampooch – new food truck parked at ForestBar. Offers a variety of meals based around their home-made buns. Bistro Kamieńskiego – a bistro up in the north of Wrocław on Kamienskiego street.  Black Point Cafe – new cafe located between pl.Legionów and the district court. All of the venues in this article were compiled with the aid of this list produced by the excellent food blog wroclawskiejedzenie.pl. The views expressed in the article are nonetheless entirely that of Wrocław’s Uncut’s author.

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