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Novocaina Closes After 13-year Stint On Wrocław Rynek

Novocaina has become the latest long-running restaurant to close on Wrocław’s market square.

The Italian-themed restaurant opened in 2005 and ended its 13-year stint on the Rynek on Wednesday. 

The owners of Novocaina have said that the restaurant will be replaced by a new concept. However they haven’t explained why they decided to make the change, nor have they revealed what the new restaurant may look like.

Novocaina is the third long-running restaurant to have closed down on Wrocław Rynek in the last year. Piwnica Świdnicka, known for being the oldest beer hall in Europe, closed its doors in January due to financial problems. Traditional Polish restaurant Pod Gryfami also suffered the same fate. 

The expensive rental costs that restaurants pay on the market square understandably result in higher prices for customers. Many are now well aware of this and choose to head to better value (and arguably better quality) restaurants on other old-town streets.

Google maps, tripadvisor and various online guides all provide info on how to find a decent meal for a good price in Wrocław. Both tourists and locals are well aware of this, and the trend does seem to be hitting some venues on the Rynek. 

To try and better deal with the competition, both Zak and Pod Papugami chose to undergo renovation during the winter.

Gregor Gowans

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