Venue’s Reputation In Tatters After ‘Agreeing’ To Host Międlar Book launch

Live music and ‘cultural’ venue Pieśniarze has suffered near-irreparable damage to its reputation after seemingly agreeing to host Jacek Międlar’s book launch.

Back in 2016 Jacek Międlar was accused of calling Jews a “cancer” who had “swept Poland” during an address to an ONR rally in Białystok. In addition, the former priest has been a key speaker at protests against both Muslim and Ukrainian immigration.

On top of that, Międlar has cooperated very closely with Piotr Rybak – the man who infamously burned an effigy of a Jew on Wrocław Rynek back in November 2015.

Międlar’s reputation even saw him prevented from travelling to the UK to speak at a Britain First event last year.

However the ex-priest suffered no such barriers when booking ‘cultural’ venue Pieśniarze for the launch of his book, titled “My Fight For The Truth”. In the book Międlar allegedly refers to the pogrom in Jedwabne as a “perfidious Jewish lie“. In Międlar’s own words, his book also contains parts on “Jewish-tribal genocide” and an “anti-Polish propaganda war”.


In a tweet published on Tuesday, Międlar confirmed that his book launch would be hosted at Pieśniarze. He also referred to leftist “threats” regarding his event and accused his critics of being afraid of the truth.

Pieśniarze, a small but cozy venue on Szewska street, is known for hosting a variety of cultural events including concerts. Once news got out that the venue was hosting Międlar’s book launch, shocked customers and artists wasted no time in saying they would never return. 

A deluge of scathing 1 star reviews then quickly began to hit Pieśniarze’s Facebook page, causing the venue’s overall rating to sink to 1.8 out of 5 (now the review function has been deactivated).

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Pieśniarze reacted by informing their followers that all their events this week would be completely private and not open to uninvited guests. However, that move appeared to further fuel allegations that the venue had agreed to hosting Jacek Międlar’s book launch. They also posted a song titled “I Love Freedom” and image with the slogan “build a bridge”. 

As the complaints about Pieśniarze hosting the book launch intensified further, the event was cancelled. The owners of the venue then declared on Facebook that they couldn’t cancel an event that “they did not announce“. The posts also appeared to criticise the media for spreading “disinformation”. 

As regards the meeting with Jacek Miedlar:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We cannot cancel a meeting that we did not announce, so we did not propagate anything. We would like to thank everyone for their good and understanding about the disinformation. To those who so easily believe in slander, we say: it is difficult. The truth is where it is and not where most think it is.

Best Regards!

However, at no point did Pieśniarze expressly deny that they had agreed to host Międlar’s event. Neither have they said anything to distance themselves from Międlar’s comments and actions. Therefore it still appears as though have Międlar did have the green light to host his event there.

Reacting to the news that his event had been cancelled, Międlar implied on Twitter that “hatred” spread by women’s right activist Marta Lempart was to blame (after claiming in an earlier tweet she had threatened to burn Pieśniarze). In the aforementioned tweet Międlar also revealed that he is launching his book on the Rynek at 18.30 on Saturday – so as not to cause Pieśniarze’s owner further “unpleasantness”.

Meanwhile, those at Pieśniarze now face a challenge to keep their club alive. In the last few days they have been very active on social media, deleting dozens of critical comments. They have also deactivated the ratings option on their page to prevent it dropping still further. Strangely enough, comments supporting Jacek Międlar still remain though.


Gregor Gowans

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