Śląsk Wrocław Fans Rave About New Iranian Signing

Farshad Ahmadzadeh, dubbed the 'Prince of Persia', impressed against Cracovia on Saturday

New Śląsk Wrocław signing Farshad Ahmadzadeh has earned rave reviews for his performance in his debut against Cracovia Kraków on Saturday. 

The 25-year-old Iranian midfielder signed a 1-year deal on July 4th and was promptly given the club’s number 10 shirt.

Although some hard-core elements of Śląsk Wrocław’s ‘support’ are known for their hostility towards Muslims, Ahmadzadeh appears to have been widely supported by most fans – at least if the opinions in forums, social media and website comments sections are anything to go by. While there have been some disparaging comments, the majority of fans have welcomed the new signing.


An ‘anti-Islamification’ banner draped over the fence in Sector B of Stadion Wrocław (photo © sport.pl)

Dubbed the ‘Prince of Persia’ by WKS’ marketing department, Ahmadzadeh wowed fans of Saturday by showing a degree of skill and technique that hasn’t been seen in a Śląsk Wrocław shirt for a long time.


Fans praise Ahmadzadeh on Facebook

The clip below, in which Ahmadzadeh demonstrates amazing technique by trapping a long ball using his ‘wrong’ foot, then evades two incoming defenders using his skill and strength, has particularly impressed the Śląsk Wrocław faithful.

Like some newcomers to the city, Ahmadzadeh originally joked about the difficulty of pronouncing/spelling Śląsk Wrocław (admittedly not the best way to endear himself to fans).

However since joining he seems to have settled in quickly and club captain Piotr Celeban was singing the praises of the new signing after Saturday’s 3-1 victory.

It is of course very early days and it remains to be seen whether Ahmadzadeh will routinely put in good performances for WKS. One certainly hopes he and his teammates can continue their good form for the remainder of the season.

Gregor Gowans

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