No Rynek Screenings At This Year’s New Horizons Film Festival

Lack of a title sponsor has inevitably resulted in cuts

This year's New Horizons Film festival will not feature the iconic Rynek film screenings that have been synonymous with the event for so long.

The New Horizons Film Festival is known as a celebration of cinema from around the world, with the focus primarily on independent, art house movies. The festival creates excellent opportunities for people to meet, discuss and exchange ideas, find co-producers and discover new talent.

According to the organisers, more than 600 film professionals visit the festival every year. As well as film, the New Horizons Film Festival also incorporates a variety of alternative music, with live dj sets performed at the picturesque courtyard inside the military museum.

The decision to drop the Rynek screenings has been made due to a lack of sponsorship funds and it is hoped they will return in 2019.

Back in October of 2017, T-Mobile announced that they would not be continuing as the title sponsor of the New Horizons Film Festival. Unfortunately since then little progress has been made as regards a new title sponsor, which naturally means there is a significant funding gap this year (said to be about 15%).

The drop in funding also means that the festival chill out zone on pl.Solny will be dropped, while the prize money for the winners has been reduced by 25%.

We did find the sponsors for the festival, but it has not possible to collect the amount of money we usually have.

Marcin Pieńkowski, artistic director of New Horizons Film Festival

There will still be some free attractions at the festival however. The concerts held in the Arsenal couryard, which are normally ticketed, will now be completely open to the public.

Gregor Gowans

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