Brave Festival Returns Later This Month After 2-year Absence

The Brave Festival, an alternative feast of world music and art from unique and little known cultures, starts its 13th edition today.

The Brave Festival is an ethnic festival that strives to promote art, music and culture from persecuted groups. Every year the festival has sought to showcase colourful performances from artists and performers from all over the globe, bringing some truly unique acts to Wroclaw along the way.

The Brave Festival – the festival of the brave, of the people who say where they are from, what their values are, their traditions and spirituality. This is not a festival about works of art but about the art which can save and protect thousands of forgotten, abandoned, lonely cultures and people.

We had to create the Brave Festival to fight against people being chased away from their own culture, from their own sensitivity; the festival is about the world that is dying, which will pass away if we don't do anything to stop this process at least a little. It's the Festival of the people who do not agree to follow models promoted by mass culture, who seek for the deepest possible sources of inspiration – inner inspiration. Sensitive and tolerant people who are not afraid to deepen their sensitivity.

Brave Festival Organisers

Unfortunately a lack of funding resulted in 2017 Brave Festival being cancelled. However this year's festival is scheduled to go ahead as planned. 

The 2018 Brave Festival is being held under the banner 'Invisible' and will feature a series of "unique, almost unaccessible artistic performances". According to Brave Festival organisers, 11 of the invited artists or artistic groups are connected together by social aspects as well as fact they all use art to facilitate social change.

For more info on the festival, check out the offical website, where you can find details on the full programme in English.

Gregor Gowans

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