Fantasy Days 2018: RPGs, Board Games, Video Games And More

This weekend sees the annual running of Fantasy Days come to Lesnica Castle, located just within Wrocław's city border. 

The three day festival is a celebration of all things connected with the world of fantasy. Expect to see workshops, discussion panels, board games, video games, rpgs and more. This year's gathering is to have a horror theme. 

The official invitation to join Fantasy Days reads as follows: 

Come with us on an amazing journey to the world of fantasy, filled with breathtaking attractions, charismatic speakers and well-known guests from Poland and abroad! Take part in the RPG session, thematic panels and play numerous board and video games. 

From June 29 to July 1, 2018, Wrocław's Fantasy Days – an event linking enthusiasts of books, films, series and games – will take place at the "Zamek" Cultural Center in Lasowice. This is a place where everyone, regardless of their gender or age, will find a place for themselves and will be able to share their hobby with others. Join us this summer and create Wrocław Fantasy Days with us, a weekend full of magic and spells!

This time out, the Castle will become a place full of secrets and horror. The stories we tell will give you goose bumps. There will also be something for folklore fans and its dark character – old legends and tales of monsters from this world will be heard within the walls of the Castle! Intrigued enough? Are the hairs on the back of your head standing? Well, this is just the beginning of the fun! 

Tickets for the 3-day event cost 60zł and can be purchased online here.

Gregor Gowans

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