Wizzair To Discontinue Flights From Wrocław To Porto, Bari And Basel

The 3 routes will be cut in October of this year

Hungarian budget airline Wizzair have announced that they will be discontinuing flights from Wrocław to Bari, Basel and Porto.

If you've already booked a ticket for one of these destinations then don't panic – the flights will simply stop at the end of October when the 'summer season' timetable ends. No flights between now and the end of October have been cancelled.

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, Wizzair had always planned to keep Bari and Porto as summer destinations. However the suspension of flights to Basel reportedly comes as a surprise.

Wrocław Airport say the routes are being cut due to poor ticket sales and rising oil prices.

From the beginning Wizz Air treated Bari and Porto as typical summer destinations. The carrier informed us that due to rising oil prices in the winter season, it is suspending these connections, but plans to reinstate the routes in the summer season. In addition, Basel should be transformed into an all-year-round service in the long run.

Jarosław Sztucki, Marketing and Sales Director at Wrocław Airport

It is thought that Wizzair will make up for at least one of the lost flights by introducing a new route for the winter season. At this moment in time it is nonetheless unclear as to where that might be.

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