Poland Crash Out Of World Cup 2018: How The Country Reacted

We review the reaction of players and journalists, as well as some of the best memes on social media

Poland's early exit from World Cup 2018 has resulted in Adam Nawalka's side being slaughtered by the press and ridiculed on social media.

Memorable wins in recent years against Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Denmark and South Korea, coupled with a strong performance at Euro 2016, raised expectations before the tournament and sparked World Cup fever across the nation.

However a pathetic performance against Senegal on Tuesday put the team under immediate pressure to get a result against a strong Colombia side last night. Unfortunately the players were simply not up to the task and were outclassed by the Colombians, a result that ended the Poland's hopes of an exciting World Cup run.

Given all the hype surrounding the Poland team ahead of Russia 2018, the losses in the opening two games have hit harder than the defeats in the last World Cups the team appeared in.

Here's a brief summary of how the country has reacted, including comments from Poland's captain and coach, as well as journalists. We've also put a few memes in the mix too.

Reaction from players and coaching staff:

Robert Lewandowski

"Maybe that's all we could do. Let's be frank, it's not like we lost by a whisker. So we fought, we tried to do our best, but at the moment we could not do anything more."

"Many things did not go as they should today, during this World Cup… I was alone, we fought, I fought, I did everything I could, but fighting is not enough to win World Cup matches, you also have to have quality, and we had too little of that." (global.espn.com)

"I did not have a clear opportunity to score. I cannot conjure something out of nothing. I could be angry with myself if I did not take advantage of an opportunity. However, I did not have any of them. There is no player in the world who can consistently take the ball, dribble past five players, beat the goalkeeper and score a goal. I am a striker who lives on chances." (tvn24.pl)

Waldemar Matysik (former Poland international)

"We all got a little enchanted, we believed in a beautiful dream and we were brutally awakened." (onet.pl)

Adam Nawalka

"We regret it very much and we are really angry, but you have to be able to live with it. After all, tomorrow is another day. For me, this failure hurts the most, I take responsibility for it. I do not have a jumble in my head, it's sport, football. Such results are included in it.

We knew perfectly well how dangerous the Colombia team are, how outstanding players have been in their composition, playing in the best clubs. Hence our pre-match strategy to attack them from the first minutes and to try to quickly score, and play carefully in the defence and go out for quick attacks.

However, the Colombians were better and I think people will be loud about them this World Cup." (si.com)

Reactions from journalists:

Filip Cieśliński, Fakt

"We believed it would be different. That you would not let us down this time. We hated memories of the World Cups in 2002 and 2006. You were supposed to blur them. Show that a country of 40 million people can raise 11 players who can compete with the best. We took sung our throats out for the team, we rode around the world to cheer you on. And you've compromised yourself again. How are you not ashamed?!"

Sebastian Staszewsk, sport.pl

"It was another hopeless match of the Polish national team. In Kazan we showed vagueness, no idea how to be offensive and a game based on long balls. Failure with Colombia 0: 3 means a trip home. The biggest loser of the World Cup is Adam Nawałka."  

Iza Koprowiak, Przegląd Sportowy

"I feel cheated, because we all believed that this team was able to at least get out of the group and compete.

We have to look straight into our eyes and say that we did not fit in there [at the World Cup]. Unfortunately. We are one team that could not even make one accurate shot on goal in the 1st half."

Dariusz Tuzime, sportowefakty.wp.pl

"On Monday, Poland woke up with a stinging hangover. The World Cup has just ended in terms of patriotism. In the coming days in large retail chains there will be a huge sell-off of white and red flags, shirts, scarves and hats."

Jacek Sroka, gol24.pl

"We entered the World Cup as the eighth team in the FIFA rankings and with an appetite for the quarterfinals of the World Cup. However we are coming back home after the group stage. What's worse, none of the outside observers of the World Cup will remember anything about our games. On the other hand, Poland fans will be able to mention that the White and Reds matched Argentina. They played as poorly as Leo Messi and company. Mind you, this is not entirely true. The Argentineans have 1 point and there is still a chance they can qualify. We still have 0 points and we can pack our suitcases in Sochi."

Memes on social media

Checkout assistant: "Hi there sir, do you collect points?" Adam Nawalka: No.


The standard World Cup: the opening match, the match for everything and the match of honour.


Where was the team of the World Cup and European Championship qualifying? Poland, nothing happened. 


Adam, you said we'd beat Colombia!


You are not breaking another TV, understand!


3 matches and we go home


What are you waiting for!? We still have to lose against Japan and then you go home!


Zero technique, zero idea, zero points:


This one needs no explanation:

Neither should this:


Or this:


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