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Piwo Uncut: Five Beers To Try This Summer

We visit Marynka Piwo i Apertivo to sample brews by Browar Nepomucen, Wasztat Piwowaski and Browar Caminus

In order to bring you reviews of the most interesting and flavour packed beers currently on the go, we've teamed up with Marynka Piwo i Aperitivo, the city's best venue for craft beer and pizza.

This month we're reviewing RISzardAmerykaLemonyRemont u VIPA and Caminus Duo.

RISzard, Warsztat Piwowarski (7.5%)


We begin with this Russian Imperial Stout (hence the clever of RIS in the title – Richard II) from Wrocław brewery Warsztat Piwowarski.

RISzard has a brunette-cola colour with a biege head and good lacing. Before taking a peep at the ingredients, I was surprised by the beer's aroma of raspberries; indeed it turns out that raspberries were used in the stout. On top of that, I could also detect a mild smell of coffee and malts. The taste is very much akin to that – a pleasant, not overly sweet raspberry taste is strikingly present at first, then notes of coffee, malts and a hint of cocoa all kick in.

Brewing a stout with raspberries is as bold as Mexico's attacking in their first half against Germany, and like with Mexico, this works!  The mix of flavours blends very well together.

Ameryka, Browar Nepomucen (4.7%)


Next up is Ameryka, a Pale Ale from Browar Nepomucen.

Sporting an amber colour, Ameryka has an aroma of grass and lemon. The taste is on the citrusy side, with stong textues of malts and caramel present alongside notes of melon and herbs. In terms of bitterness, it's about medium in strength.

Ultimately Ameryka fails to stand out among the hoards of Pale Ales available in Poland. Even so, this new brew has a pleasant enough taste and is easily drinkable.

Lemony, Browar Nepomucen (4.9%)


Our third beer, labelled as a 'Lemon Sour Ale', also comes from Browar Nepomucen.

Lemony has a cloudy amber colour with a frothy white head. Give it a good sniff and you'll pick up aromas of citrus, barley and grass. As demanded by its name, the taste of lemons dominates the beer. To be more precise, it's the type of lemony flavour reminiscent of a lemon meringue or lemon sorbet. 

Despite that, Lemony is not overtly sweet (this is a Sour Ale after all); the sour mild bacteria keeps the beer rather on the astrigend side, while gooseberry, malts, wheat and musk are also present among its flavours. The level of bitterness is rather low. 

All in all, this is a very tasty and refreshing beer that's perfect for hot summer days.

Remont u VIPA, Wasztat Piwowaski (6.4%)


Our second beer this month from Wasztat Piwowaski is a Vermont Indian Pale Ale (or VIPA, as we'll call it here).

Remont u VIPA is cloudy and amber in colour, while lime and spruce are present in the aroma. The beer's taste is charactertised by a contrast between the sourness of lime/citrus and the sweetness of sherbert/tropical fruits. There's a mildly bitter element to the brew too.

While this is not as 'juicy' as other VIPAs, Remont u VIPA has a certain charm to it; its citrusy flavour and low carbonation make it a refreshing drink ideal for Wrocław's scorching summer months.

Caminus Duo, Browar Caminus (5%)


Last but not least, our fifth beer is an Irish Ale made by yet another new local brewery. Browar Caminus is based in Kąty Wrocławskie, just a few minute's drive from Wrocław. 

Duo has a clear reddy-brown colour and a small white head. The beer smells of red fruits, lavender and orange – a feature common in the East Kent Goldings hops used in the beer. In terms of the taste, there are hints of malts and caramel, with a slight tinge of roasted barley in there too.

While being relatively tasty, if truth be told Duo is a somewhat forgetable affair. Still, we like to support local breweries, so we'll keep our eyes open for more beers from Caminus. Like with many new outfits, they'll likely improve over time.

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Ian Maloy

Ian is a singing teacher who has been living in Wrocław for several years. Dobrze mówi po polsku. Ian can often be found in town eating excellent vegan/vegetarian food, drinking beer from micro-breweries, bird-watching around Lower Silesia, jogging by the Odra, lighting candles in the Russian Orthodox church and banging his head in various moshpits to Polish metal/hardcore bands.

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