Man Guilty Of Spitting On Cuban Dancer Given Community Service

The guilty party will also have to pay the victim 500zł plus legal costs

A man found guilty of spitting on a Cuban dancer in a "racist act" has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

In August 2017 Jacqueline Lara Carrera, who was walking home after performing at Casa de la Musica, was reportedly spat on and shouted at by one man among a quartet of Lechia fans in the underpass leading to Galeria Dominikanska.

After hearing the Cuban dancer screaming for help, police officers moved in on the scene to prevent things escalating further. Jacqueline then went to the police station to give her account of what happened.

The case eventually made its way to court and today the judge read out the verdict.

According to tuwroclaw.com, the accused (39-year-old car mechanic Piotr. K) explained to the court that he had no intention of insulting Jacqueline, and that he had spat on her by accident. He did not admit to spitting at the woman's face at all. Piotr also assured the court that his behavior had nothing to do with the woman's skin color.

However it is reported that the court did not believe Piotr's explanation for what happened, nor the testimonies of his colleagues. Based entirely on the victim's testimony, which described the course of the incident in great detail – the court decided to deliver a guilty verdict.

First and foremost, the decicion was down to Piotr's behavior after the spitting occured. He did not apologize to the victim, which would have been easy to do if it had in fact been an accident.

In the end the judge handed Piotr a sentence of 200 hours of community service to be fulfilled within the next 10 months. He must also pay the victim 500zł and cover her legal costs.

Despite suffering this most unpleasant of incidents, Jacqueline remains positive about her life in Poland. She is quoted as saying the following: 

Poland is a beautiful country and I want to plan my future here. I love Poland, I love my Polish friends and my boss, so the future is good. However, you must fight against such situations. I have visited the whole world and unfortunately it's only here that something unfair has happened to me. 

Jacqueline Lara Carrera

Gregor Gowans

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