Fire Brigade Help To Transport Housebound 220kg Woman To Hospital

An ambulance, fire engine and MPK bus were deployed to aid the rescue

Last week Wrocław's emergency services had to use alternative means to help transport a woman weighing 220kg to hospital.

The housebound 37-year-old woman, who lives in the Gaj district, was successfully transported to Borowska hospital thanks to the efforts of a fire-crew, paramedics and an MPK bus driver.

As the woman is too obese to leave her house, she had to be lifted from her 3rd-floor balcony using a stretcher attached to a fire-engine's crane.

A team of 6 men then carried the woman onto a specially deployed MPK bus, which was escorted by an ambulance. Paramedics from the ambulance accompanied the woman on the bus as it made its way to Borowska hospital.

Radio Wrocław, who reported the story, spoke to some of the neighbours who were looking on as the rescue was carried out. According to the info they gathered, the woman has had troubles with her weight for some time, while it is also said her two children are currently under the protection of social services.

Radio Wrocław's report contains no further info about the woman's health. However one would hope that 'no news is good news' regarding this matter, and that the woman's life is not in immediate danger.

Gregor Gowans

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