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30-year-old Milk Bar To Close Before The End Of June

'Kleks' will shut down, but the owners are to offer their pierogi elsewhere

Shortly after the closure of Jacek & Agata last month comes the news that another long-serving milk bar will close its doors soon.

Rather inconspicuously located on the corner of the point where Piastowska and Sienkiewicza streets meet, Kleks has been running now for some 30 years.

If truth be told, Bar Kleks has seen better days and can't be considered in the same league as Jacek & Agata or Bar Miś. Even so, it is known as a place where many have happily munched through pierogi, croquettes or pancakes on the cheap. A lot of Kleks' customers over the years have either been locals from the neighbourhood or students from the nearby universities.

The milk bar say that they are not closing down principally due to a lack of business, but rather because of the poor condition of the building. As you can see from the photo above, that doesn't come as too much of a shock.

The good news for anyone who has frequented Bar Kleks is that it will still be possible to purchase their pierogi elsewhere (for cooking at home).  According to tuwroclaw.com, the pierogi can be bought at the company's headquarters on ul. Litewska 46, at a second point on ul. Oleska 5 and in the 'Polski Smak' butcher shop on ul. Kochanowskiego 39.

The closure of two long serving milk bars in 2 months will understandably fuel fears that Wrocław's milk bar tradition is in decline. There are still several of them around though, namely Bar Miś, Mewa, Różowa KrowaBar Mały, Misz Masz and Bar Karmazyn.

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