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Wrocław’s Councillors To Vote On Alcohol Sale Restrictions

The proposed bill would limit the hours alcohol can be sold in city centre shops


On July 5th Wrocław's councillors are to vote on a number of changes that will effect how alcohol is bought and consumed in the city centre.

Having been granted the power to do so by the Polish Government, various local authorities across the country are looking to restrict the hours that alcohol can be sold in certain areas.

Wrocław City Council would like to ban the sale of alcohol in shops within the Cultural Park area between 10pm and 6am. If the proposal is voted through as expected, the new law will restrict the hours that alcohol can be sold at 60 shops.

Our intention is to limit the consumption of alcohol in the centre of Wroclaw, bringing greater security to our residents and improving the condition of the city's backyards.

Joanna Nyczak, director of the health and social affairs department at the Wroclaw City Council

The bill regarding the sale of alcohol in the city centre will not be the only proposal to be voted on however. Councillors will also vote on a proposal to make certain areas of the city legal outdoor drinking zones.

If councillors vote in favour of the move, Wyspa Słodowa, Park Wschodni, Park Tysiąclecia, Park Osobowicki, Rędziński Forest and Sołtysowice Forest would all be labelled as legal zones for drinking alcohol. Under the terms of the proposal, extra recycling bins would be put in place at Wyspa Słodowa, as would the amount of times the Island is cleaned. 

Even if the latter proposal is voted through and becomes a reality, the council would still be able to cancel the arrangement if it leads to increased littering or social disorder. That's according to Gazeta Wyborcza, who report that the introduction of the proposal is seen as "an experiment".

Gregor Gowans

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