Kaleidoscope Of Cultures Festival To Enliven Wyspa Słodowa Next Week

Bands presenting Lemko, Tatar, Roma, Karaim, Georgian, Czech and German culture will all perform live

Next weekend's Kaleidoscope of Cultures festival will bring an eclectic line-up of bands from different countries and cultures to Wyspa Słodowa.

Now into it's 11th year, the event is part of an initiative that seeks to engage intercultural dialogue.

The main aim of the festival is to bring attention to the different ethnic groups and national minorities in Wrocław. However the event also acts as a means of protecting and promoting regional folklore in the Lower Silesia district.

The festival's line-up features a wide spectrum of artists of different cultural backgrounds such as, Lemko, Tatar, Roma, Karaim, Georgian, Czech and German.

It all begins next Friday night at Surowiec, where voice coach Aleksandra Gronowska will lead a singing workshop. Those who wish to take part should send an email to [email protected].

On the following day, the festival will host a 'great picnic' on Wyspa Słodowa featuring live music and workshops, as well as stalls selling food from France, Ukraine and Korea. Then at 10pm at Stary Klasztor, the festival comes to a close with a performance from Czech band Terne Čhave.

You can find more details on the festival on the Facebook event page and the Kaleidoscope of Cultures website.

Gregor Gowans

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