Watching World Cup 2018 In Wrocław: The Ultimate Guide

All the info on how and where to see Russia 2018 matches in Wrocław

The World Cup is on the way in just 3 days time and fever pitch is drawing closer. 32 teams, including Poland, are set to battle it out in the world's most popular sporting competition.

But where can you see games in town? How can you watch at home? You'll find all the answers in this guide.

What TV channel can I see the games on? 


Every game is being broadcast free-to-air on Poland's state television service TVP. Games will either be broadcast on TVP1 or TVP2 (in SD and in HD).

Matches are to be broadcast on TVP Sport at the same time, while 4K transmissions will also be available to NC+ customers who have the right equipment and subscription.

How can I watch games on the internet legally? 

Every match will be available to watch on sport.tvp.pl provided you are watching in Poland.

Is there a way I can watch on my phone legally?

TVP say they'll stream every game on their TVP sport application, which is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Like the website streams, you'll need to have a Polish ip address to watch. 

How can I see the games with English commentary?

To do that, you'll need to get a UK VPN and watch using the BBC Iplayer and ITV player.

Alternatively, you can try the various streaming apks for android devices or the latest addons for Kodi. Please do nonetheless note that the legality of these options is dubious at best. 

When are Poland playing?

If your team has already been knocked out and you are getting behind Poland (like myself), then obviously you'll be keen to know Adam Nawalka's side are playing. 

Poland take on Senegal next Tuesday at 5pm before taking on Colombia next Sunday at 8pm. Poland's final group game (but hopefully not their last of the tournament) is against Japan on the 28th of June at 4pm.

Where can I get kitted out?


Looking to dawn Poland's national colours for all their games?

If so, there's no shortage of options. In sports shops like Go Sport in Wroclavia and Renoma you can easily pick up the latest Nike replica gear. A much cheaper option is to grab one of the official Polish Football Association t-shirts in Biedronka.

A humurous alternative can also be found in Reserved, who are offering a reversable t-shirt that features "Poland World Champions" on one side and "Poland, nothing happened" on the other

What pubs can I see the game in?

There are plenty of options as many pubs that don't normally bother with football are getting ready to show the World Cup.

When you do plan to watch a game in a pub, remember that you may well have to make a reservation. For most games this won't be necessary at all, however for every Poland match as well as other attractive fixtures, a reservation is a must. Some pubs will ask you to pay upfront and then give you credit at the bar, while others will allow you to book for free.

Here are some different areas and types of places you can watch:

Wrocław Rynek

One of the easiest ways to get a seat for the game and watch outdoors is to simply head to the market square. A number of bars and restaurants will have tvs showing every match.

Klub PRL have already confirmed to us that they will be showing World Cup matches, as have Restauracja Złoty Pies. In past years Bierhalle have had tvs in their beer gardens for major football competitions, while the same is true of U Beatki pub.

It is likely that these venues won't be the only ones on the Rynek showing the footy either, so have stroll around and you may well find another place showing games.

Pubs that regularly show sport

As you'd expect, all the venues that normally show live sport in Wrocław will also have World Cup matches. Here's a summary of some places in town for watching sport: 

The Winners Pub

The first name on most people's lips when it comes to sport in Wrocław is the Winners Pub, which is handily located on Włodkowica street next to Mleczarnia. 

Winners Pub is probably the city's most refined and civilised sports bar, a facet that brings its own pros and cons.

On the plus side, it's one of the few places where you can enjoy a meal with your beer and see the game at the same time. The burgers and steaks there have recieved glowing reviews for a few years now. Winners Pub is clean, tidy and generally well run, while they also have table service – so there's no need to queue for the bar in the middle of the match. On top of that, they have a large projector as well as many HD screens that have been properly rigged up. 

However, the prices at Winners are definitely above average for a sports bar. Expect to pay around 30zl for some of the cheaper main meals (starter-sized meals can be purchased for less) and 9-12zl for a beer (from an established brewery rather than a craft one).

If you go to Winners Pub a few times a month, the cost of making the place your local for live sport is sure to mount up. The decor isn't to everybody's taste either; I'm not a fan of the giant Bacardi adverts and I find the cream seats to be a bit naff.

Despite those cons, Winners Pub remains a decent option for watching sport in Wrocław. It's central location is fantastic, while they do tend to show a lot of Premier League and La Liga games. The fact they do decent grub is convenient too.

Pub Felicità


France fans at Felicita during Euro 2016 – photo from official Felicita Facebook page

Pub Felicita is probably the first port-of-call for the international community in Wrocław when it comes to live sports. 

Felicita is the only pub in Wrocław that has a foreign decoder of any kind; they have a Sky Italia box at their disposal which allows them to broadcast Serie A with Italian commentary. It also gives the pub the possibility to show different combinations of games that other pubs can't, as they have a Polish satellite TV setup too. 

The pub attacts large numbers of italians for the big Serie A games; they also show plenty of matches from La Liga, the Premier League and the Champions League. Naturally, the will show every game at the World Cup too.

It is fair to point out that Felicita isn't the grandest or most comfortable of venues, however the place is primarily aimed at a younger student crowd and this is to be expected.

On the plus side, the Italian owners are very friendly and the pub is a safe haven for everyone regardless of where they come from. Last but not least, Felicita has a reasonable beer selection (for a sports bar) and the prices are on the money too.

All in all, this is probably the best place to catch World Cup matches here in Wrocław. 

Piwiarnia Warka Wrocław

Next up on our list is another chain sports-bar – Piwarnia Warka. 

The old Piwarnia Warka, which morphed into the Winners Pub, was a personal favourite of mine. Unfortunately its latest incarnation on Swidnicka street has never managed to repeat the atmosphere of the old place. 

On the face of it everything is very much the same, especially the decor. However the most noticeable change when the new Warka opened was unfortunately the prices, which were (and still are) pretty steep considering Warka is one of Poland's more tepid beers. You can get yourself a better deal by buying a pitcher, but that's no use if you just fancy a couple of pints for a Champions League game on a weeknight. The food, although decent, isn't the best value either. 

That said, there are some plus points. The bar's location is very practical, and there are televisions galore in the basement, which makes it easy to have a good view of the match. The pub has lots of seats too, allowing you a fighting chance of grabbing a decent place (although you should still definitely book a table for big games). 

While the new Piwarnia Warka has lost some of the 'local' vibe that its predecessor had, it does still offer a decent matchday experience thanks to its large interior, food menu and good quality TV screens. So it should remain in your thoughts if you are looking for a place to see the game. 

Guinness Pub Wrocław

This bar doesn't come recommended by Uncut, but they will defiinitely be showing the World Cup. 

Although more authentic than 'Scottish' bar Haggis (which isn't saying much at all), the Guinness Pub still falls well short of being a decent Irish pub. If you don't believe me, then ask someone Irish. The most frequent complaint about Guinness Pub I hear from Irish sports fans is that the staff "haven't even heard of Gaelic Football".

The pub is run by an infamous group of locals, and if rumour has it, they are hell bent on stopping anyone else setting up an Irish bar better than theirs (although I must stress again that this is merely the word on the street). 

Prices at Guinness Pub are higher than at any other sports bar in town, which would be both reasonable and understandable if they had British or Irish TV. They don't though, so you are generally better off going somewhere else. 

That said, If you are new in town one benefit of coming here us that you can of course talk in English and enjoy a bit of banter. Even so, you could grow tired of bumping into stag parties or meeting expats who have no interest in integrating with the locals (not to say that everyone who frequents Guinness Pub falls into this category).

Although Guinness Pub does have a number of flaws, it would be wrong to completely rule the place out. The pub can be very useful in an emergency and if you are new in town it may serve as a good place to get started and meet others in the same boat as yourself. 


Keen to enjoy some craft beer while you watch the World Cup? A number of the city's multitaps will be showing matches, including brewpub Browar Prost, Browar Stu MostówSzynkarnia, AlebrowarBLT & Taps and 4Hops.

Beach bars


Just like in all the other categories on this list, we contacted all the major venues to ask about World Cup matches.

The owners of Forma Plynna and Prostu z Mostu have confirmed that both beach bars will be showing the football, giving Wrocławians the chance to watch World Cup 2018 outdoors. 

Hotspot have also confirmed they are showing games in their own specially constructed 'fanzone'. 

Under the train tracks

Another good spot for finding a pub showing World Cup 2018 are bars along Bogusławskiego street under the train tracks, or 'Nasyp' as many locals call it. We already know for sure that Baza and Cafe Wytwornia will be showing matches on a big screen. 

You'd also expect all the bars on the street with a tv to show games too. If we take that as a rule, then you should be able to see World Cup 2018 fixtures at LamusCuba Pub, Pub Cinema ParadisoMemento PubPub Uno, Sport PubNo stres pubU Augusta and possibly even more.

Other venues

Naturally, there are many more options for watching the World Cup in Wrocław on top of the bars listed above.

One example is the new Czech restaurant in the Ovo Building, Drevny Kocur. It has by far the biggest tv screen in Wrocław; it is literally big enough to be used as an outdoor fanzone screen.

A beer here will set you back about 10zł, while a plate of fried cheese and chips here is about 22zł. The price of booking a table in Drevny Kocur is nonetheless extortoniate, while some of the items on the menu do appear overpriced to us. 


If that wasn't enough, below is an additional list of venues that either have a track record of showing sport or have confirmed they are showing this summer's festival of football:

Remont BarFuga Mundi Billiards Club & Pub | Papa Bar | Corso Wine-Bar & RestaurantChopper – Bar & GrillAmerican Dream Restaurant & SportsBarMotyla NogaStalbet Cafe & PubHaggis Pub | Modra Odra

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