Attacker Of Saudi Citizen Walks Free After Victim Accepts Apology

A man who made an unprovoked assault on a Saudi citizen near pl. Grunwaldzki has escaped punishment after the victim accepted his apology in court.

In February of this year 23-year-old Patryk. S from Wrocław was arrested in connection with an attack that occured back in December.

At the time of Patryk's arrest, Łukasz Dutkowiak from Lower Silesia Police made the following statement regarding the incident:

"A drunk man came up to a citizen of Saudi Arabia while walking down the street and insulted him on the basis of his nationality. He then hit the Saudi man, causing him to fall to the ground. He [the instigator of the the attack] then ran away after the incident." 

Łukasz Dutkowiak, Lower Silesia Police

Gazeta Wrocławska reported that Wrocław police were able to identify the culprit after studying CCTV footage of the attack.

According to tuwroclaw.com, earlier today Wrocław Regional Court granted the prosecution's request for conditional discontinuance of the proceedings. The local newspaper also report that the "aggrieved party consented to such a settlement."

Judge Artur Kosmala reportedly explained the decision to discontinue the case was based on the fact that the attacker pleaded guilty, expressed remorse, had no criminal record and plenty of good character references.

Judge Artur Kosmala then went on to say that the attack was "an individual incident in the life of the accused, not his way of life." Kosmala also added that "the large amount of alcohol consumed explains the behavior of the accused, but does not justify it."

Under the conditions of the court settlement, Patryk must avoid repeating any similar attack in the next two years. Should he fail to stay out of trouble, the court will be able to resume the case once again.

Before the verdict was announced Patryk reportedly shook hands with the Saudi man, who he had assaulted just 6 months before.

Gregor Gowans

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