Struggling Tesco Close Marino Store

2 other stores in Warsaw and Kalisz are also to cease trading

Tesco have announced they will close 3 stores across Poland, one of which is the supermarket inside Wrocław's Marino shopping centre.

Two other stores in Warsaw and Kalisz will also close as Tesco act quickly to shut down their unprofitable branches.

The news comes roughly a year after the supermarket giant announced it would close 8 stores in Wałbrzych, Oświęcim, Głogów, Konin, Opole, Żywiec, Białystok and Ścinawa. Several other stores also closed in 2016 after the company's sales dipped by 3%.

Tesco appear to be losing out as the likes of Lidl and Biedronka continue to grab a large chunk of the market. Disputes with trade unions and several high profile managerial changes seem to have taken their toll too. 

Tesco say that all those employed in non-managerial positions will receive a proposal to be transferred to other stores in Wrocław.

To be a more effective and forward-looking company for our clients and employees, we sometimes have to make difficult decisions about closing stores that bring losses. At this moment the most important thing for us is to provide support for the people affected by these changes. This includes offering our employees the opportunity to work in the next closest store to them so as to minimize the number of people who leave the company.

Martin Behan, Managing Director of Tesco Polska

Tesco's other stores in Wrocław are located in Magnolia Park, Aleja Bielany and on Długa street.

Gregor Gowans

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