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Non-alcoholic beer Market In Poland Grows By 73%

Breweries of all shapes and sizes are launching more low alcohol and alcohol-free beers

According to a representative of the Żywiec group, Poland's non-alcoholic beer market has grown by 73% and could grow even more this year.

A report in yesterday's Gazeta Wrocławska states the change has come about because "the breweries have noticed that Poles have stopped drinking or want to drink moderately; they prefer a healthy lifestyle without alcohol."

The market trend has become clear in recent times, with an increasing amount of non-alcholic beers hitting Poland's supermarket shelves. Last month the Łomża brewery launched an alcohol-free beer, while Żywiec are said to be introduing a new 'Zero Zone' POS stand for shops that only contains its non-alcoholic offerings as well as those from Heineken and Warka.

They [consumers] are looking for more and more diversity and products suited to a more active lifestyle. This trend is particularly evident in the younger generation. As many as 5 million Poles do not drink alcohol; they are more and more willing to reach for non-alcoholic beers. In 2017, the non-alcoholic lager segment achieved a 73% growth rate.

Magdalena Brzezińska, head of  the corporate affairs department at Grupa Żywiec

Gazeta Wrocławska write that the representatives of the breweries believe the shift towards alcohol free beer is being fulled by "cultural changes in which drinking alcohol ceases to be fashionable."

The same local newspaper also spoke to Rafał Błażewicz from Wrocław University of Life Sciences and Sebastian Rożbicki, a passionate brewer, both of whom believe new brewing technologies can produce a non-alcoholic beer that tastes akin to that of a normal lager.

Gregor Gowans

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