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Różowa Krowa: Wrocław’s Modern Milk bar

It's no Bar Miś, but the contemporary eatery does offer creature comforts

A lot has been said in recent times about the demise of the humble Polish milk bar. However new milk bars like Różowa Krowa show the younger generation still have plenty of affection for this most Polish of institutions. 

The Różowa Krowa concept is pretty simple: produce the same great home cooking that people love in a milk bar, and then create a more modern environment in which to enjoy it.

Bringing the best of both of these worlds together no mean feat, and they arguably haven't quite pulled it off yet. That said, this newest of milk bars is still a cool go-to budget venue that you can depend on when in need of an inexpensive fill. 

The staff at Różowa Krowa are younger than at some of Wrocław's more established milk bars, while the decor is also a lot more daring than you'd find in bars like Bar Miś, Misz Masz or Mewa. The location on Świdnicka street is very handy too, which no doubt is one of the reasons why the place is packed at lunchtimes (unlike in our photos, which were taken around 4pm).

Prices at Różowa Krowa are higher than the aforementioned venues, but still significantly cheaper than you'd find in the nearby restaurants and cafes. A plate of pierogi ruskie currently costs 8.50zl, while schabowy with potatoes and cabbage will set you back about 19zł. 

IMG_20180517_160935 IMG_20180517_161010

So is the food any good then? In our experience the meals we sampled didn't quite match the city's best milk bars, but still offered decent value for money.

Their spinach pierogi, sporting a green tint thanks to the spinach forming part of the dough, were both tasty and refreshingly different. Attempts to bring twists to classics don't always work though, and it was a little bizarre to see sweetcorn in the potato-pancakes & goulash combo we ordered.


All in all, although Różowa Krowa can suffer from variations in service (particularly if the place is packed), the milk bar is still easily worth a visit.

First and foremost, you can try plenty of Polish classics at low prices without ever really denting your wallet. On top of that, the quirky pink furntiture and modern vibe attracts a disparate crowd. This in turn fosters a lively lunch-time atmosphere that few milk bars in town can rival. 

Różowa Krowa, Świdnicka 36


Value - 8
Drinks section - 5
Food quality - 7
Comfort - 7
Atmosphere - 8



All in all, although the Różowa Krowa can suffer from variations in service (particularly if the place is packed), the milk bar is still easily worth a visit.

User Rating: 4.35 ( 1 votes)

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