Wrocław To Host World’s 1st Video Game Music Festival

Wrocław's National Forum of Music is to host the first ever music festival dedicated to tracks from video games. 

Titled the 'Game Music Festival', the 2-day event will take place between October 26th and 27th.

Across the two days audience will have the chance to hear music from video games like Grim Fandango, Diablo, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Ori and the Blind Forest, as well as Heroes of Might and Magic.

Describing their motivation for holiding the festival on their website, the organisers had the following to say:

"We love games and we love good music. Our team at gamemusic.pl has been combining these two passions for more than a decade by writing about the music of video games, releasing game music albums on vinyl, and… producing game music concerts. When we organize such performances, we want to take them to the next level. The quality of sound is what really matters to us. We use no electronic amplification thus perfect acoustics became our priority.

Having gathered years of experience, we finally grew up to create something bigger. A truly unique event. We invite you to beautiful city of Wroclaw in Poland to our first Game Music Festival."


Standard tickets for the concerts at the festival vary between 69-169zł, while VIP packages are available at prices between 179 and 149zł.

The festival's offical website contains comprehensive info on all of the various concerts and attractions, so check it out here to see what to expect.

Gregor Gowans

The founder and editor of Wroclaw Uncut, Gregor has been running the website since its inception in 2012. A Wroclawian for almost 10 years, Gregor writes on a wide variety of topics including, food & drink, nightlife, local news and politics. He is also a regular guest on Radio Ram's Sunday lunch programme.

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