Vegan Restaurant Defaced By Racist Graffiti Twice In 4 Days

A vegan restaurant are offering 1000zł to anyone who can correctly identify the man who defaced the walls of their property with a white power symbol.

On Sunday morning staff at Najadacze on Nożownicza street discovered that someone had drawn a white power symbol on the wall of their property, as well as the abbreviation 'GNLS' (good night left side).

A hanging sign was drawn too, with the number 161 written below it (we believe it relates to the anti-facist 161 division). 

Najadacze were able to remove the graffiti, however just 3 days later the same man defaced the restaurant again. 

Fortunately the restaurant installed CCTV cameras and there is fairly decent footage of the man responsible, so hopefully he can be identified. Wrocław police are on the lookout for the perpetrator.

Speaking on their Facebook Page, the owners of Najadacze said they believe the culprit to be a resident of the Old Town or Nadodrze. The restaurant have also stumped up a 1000zł reward for the person who can identify the suspect.

Unfortunately, this week isn't the first time Najadacze has been hit by such vandalism. Back in 2014 similar symbols and even a swastika were spraypainted onto the restaurant's walls and door.

Gregor Gowans

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