Juwenalia 2018 Gets Underway In Wrocław Tomorrow

Juwenalia, a traditional period of partying for students, is set to get underway in Wrocław tomorrow.

Over the next few days they'll be parades, large get-togethers and live music for students to enjoy before they get their heads down for their exams.

This year several academic institutions will join forces to create a 'super Juwenalia'. According to Radio Eska, The University of Wrocław, The Medical University, University of Life Sciences and The University of Technology will all team up so as organise bigger and better concerts. Students of the Economic University will get in on the act too, with their own version named 'Economalia'.

The first events are being held tomorrow by the University of Life Sciences under the banner of 'Upnalia'. A BBQ, outdoor cinema screening and silent disco are among the attractions on campus. Then on Friday the focus turns to the Technical University, where they'll be a series of concerts between 8pm and 11pm


The main series of concerts will however take place at Pola Marsowe in Sepolno between May 14th and 18th. You can check out the line-up here

One of the other traditions of Juwenalia is the parade, which is arguably one of the most colourful events of the year. The jovial and fun-packed event is generally lapped up by the students taking part and also brings back many fun memories for former students of the city. This year's parade while likely be as a quirky and vibrant as in recent years, with thousands of tipsy students set to line the streets in fancy dress next Monday.

Another popular tradition is the big Juwenalia BBQ, which attracted 8,000 people last year according to Gazeta Wrocławska.

Large numbers also gather for the annual Projekt P.I.W.O event, a light show which uses different coloured lights in a dormitory building to produce an animated show backed up with accompanying music.

Gregor Gowans

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