Guitarists Flock To Wrocław To Break World Guitar Playing Record

Today over 7,000 guitarists are expected to play at Wrocław​'s annual Thanks Jimi Festival, which aims to break the World Record for the highest number of guitarists playing the same song at the same place. 

Back in 2016 a total of 7356 guitarists played Jimi Hendrix's Hey Joe in unison on the Rynek, breaking the previous world guitar record set here in Wroclaw by 12 people. Last year the numbers were slightly less, but the organisers will once again be optimistic of breaking the record again in 2018. 

The world guitar record attempt has become a popular May holiday tradition in Wroclaw and people from all over the world take part. In recent years the event has attracted a noticeable number of people from Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus, Hungary and Norway.

Throughout the day there will be various live performances as part of the build up to the main event. Anyone who fancies going to the Rynek to watch can of course do so, but the area around the stage is for participating guitarists only. The actual record attempt is expected at 4pm, with a full rehearsal taking place 15 minutes before that. 

Later in the day the attention turns towards the series of Majówka concerts at Pergola, where established Polish artists such as Perfect and Lao Che will take to the stage. We will of course report on all the day's events tomorrow on Wrocław Uncut.


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Gregor Gowans

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