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Magda Gessler To ‘Revolutionise’ Alladin’s Restaurant

Celebrity restaurateur Magda Gessler is back in Wrocław for her 'Kitchen Revolutions' TV show on TVN. This time she's trying to revive the fortunes of Alladin's restaurant on Odrzańska street. 

Gessler's show, which is basically a copy of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, typically features awful restaurants with misguided owners, lazy staff and ignorant chefs.

In most episodes, Gessler moans about the food and has a fit about the state of the kitchen before taking charge of operations. The menu and sometimes even the name and concept of the restaurant are changed, while the decor is given a makeover. The staff are also given training on teamwork as well as cooking.

Although most of Gessler's 'revolutions' do succeed, a noticeable number fail. Back in 2016 Gessler 'revolutionised' Przystanek Wrocek, which has not fared too well. The restaurant currently has a 3.5 rating on Google maps (3.7 on Facebook) and has received critical reviews from at least two recognised local food bloggers. 

Earlier this month Gessler was also in Wrocław to revamp 'Bistro By The Way' on Prudnicka street. It is too early to judge whether her changes have borne fruit, however the venue does enjoy a fairly solid 4.4 rating on Facebook.

Alladin's restaurant has been operating in Wrocław for more than a decade, showing it has more longevity than most restaurants here. The authenticity of its Moroccan cuisine is nonetheless questionable and Wrocław's restaurant market has definitely intensified in recent years. This has presumably made life difficult for the venue, which was also hit by fire damage a couple of months ago

What will Gessler do with the restaurant? We'll find out in early May, when Alladin's will either reopen or be replaced by a new concept. 

Gregor Gowans

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