Żabka Shops To Dodge Sunday Trading Ban By Becoming Post Offices

According to reports in many Polish media outlets, Żabka stores around the country are to declare themselves as post offices in order to legally trade on Sundays.

As most of us are familiar with now, the Sunday trading ban is the result of pressure from members of the Polish Catholic Church and the Solidarność trade union. It was voted into law by the Polish Parliament late last year.

Supermarkets and all other large shops must close as a result of the new legislation. Petrol stations, convenience stores, florists, bakeries, post offices and newsagents can nonetheless remain open.

The ban is supposed to be active every other Sunday in 2018. However due to various public holidays in April and May, this month big shops have been closed for 4 Sundays in a row. 

Small shops can open too, but only provided the owner of the shop or franchise (or a member of his/her family) does all the work. As a result, many Żabka stores (and other convenience stores too) have still been closed on Sundays since the ban was introduced.

Żabka stores that have opened on Sundays have been rather busy, as you can see in the above photo. 

Żabka are hoping to get round this issue by declaring their shops as post offices. According to reports, Żabka bosses are confident they can do this as they signed an agreement in 2012 with the Polish Post Office allowing packages to be collected at Żabka stores. The convenience store chain also have a similar agreement with DHL.

Given that post offices are exempt from the Sunday trading ban, it would therefore be legal for a Żabka store to open without its owner being the only staff member on duty. 

All Żabka stores ready to recieve parcels delivered by the Polish Post Office have reportedly been sent Post Office stickers to put on the front door of each shop. Żabka have also promised the owners of each shop a bigger slice of the profits on every Sunday they open.

The changes could be seen as early as next Sunday, when the trading ban is once again active. This Sunday all shops will be open for the 1st time since March 25th. 

Gregor Gowans

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