Wrocław’s Night Market Returns Next Weekend!

Wrocław's most popular night market is all set to return next weekend, albeit in a new location.

Last year 'Gastro Nocki', held on the grounds of Świebodzki station on weekends in late August, proved a real hit. Hundreds of Wrocławians flocked to the night market each night to sample a variety of street food and craft beer, as well as do a bit of alternative shopping.

This year the organisers of Gastro Nocki have announced that they will be leaving Świebodzki station to explore new sites. The first edition of the 2018 night market will be held on pl. Społeczny, which in recent years has been home to several live gigs and food truck festivals. 

In another twist to the format, Gastro Nocki are planning to twin editions of their market with various festivals taking place in the city. Next weekend a host of jazz musicians will perform live as part of the Jazz on the Odra festival.









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Gregor Gowans

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