Tram 16 To Return Before The End Of The Year

Tram 16, which last ran between Park Połodniowy and pl.Grunwaldzki in 2011, is set to make a comeback. The only question that remains is the tram's exact route. 

Local residents have been asked to vote for one of two routes, both of which start in Tarnogaj and end at the Zoo.

The first one, which appears to be the faster route, would see trams run up and down Pułaskiego street. The second option is longer but would take in key destinations such as the Wroclavia Centre/Bus Station, train station and pl. Dominikanska.

In either case, track upgrades to the stretch between Gliniana and Dyrekcyjna will have to be made before Tram 16 returns to Wrocław for this time in 7 years. It is hoped that the work will be completed before the end of this year. 

Meanwhile, public transport operator MPK and Wrocław President Rafał Dutkiewicz remain under fire after a heavy spate of tram derailments in recent weeks. Local activists even jokingly gifted Dutkiewicz a 'golden broken tram track trophy' as a means of highlighting the issue. 


Gregor Gowans

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