Climber Scales Wrocław’s Spire To Take Instagram Snap

A 30-year-old climber was "subjected to medical examinations" yesterday after police officers saw him climb near the top of Wrocław's famous spire – just to take an Instagram photo. 

The photo, which was uploaded to the user profile of bnt_fhuj_hd, currently has over 2,800 likes.

It is not the first time the instagramer has climbed such a tall building. He uses climbing equipment in order to help him scale tall structures such as the spire, and the police have even said it was visible that he "deals with similar acitivies on a daily basis". 

Wrocław Police and Fire Brigade were called to the scene early yesterday morning by a concerned onlooker. A spokesperson for the police told Gazeta Wrocławska: "We always intervene in such situations because there is a threat to one's life and health. Due to his inappropriate behavior, the man was subjected to medical examinations." 






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Gregor Gowans

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