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Beach Bars Set To Open Before The End Of April

Wrocław's surprisingly warm spring weather has spurred at least two beach bars into action, both of which will be open before the end of the month. 

On Friday Zazoo Beach Bar will once again occupy the area behind the zoo nearby Zwierzyniecka footbridge. A week later, Hotspot is then expected to open in its spot at the foot of the millennium bridge.

This is certainly the earliest we can remember beach bars opening in Wrocław. Last year Wrocław's beach bar scene came on leaps and bounds with the arrival of many new venues, as you can see here.

How many of them will re-open? At this moment it's tough to say, but we will keep you posted. Meanwhile, here's a short bit about the two bars that are definitely opening:

Zazoo Beach Bar







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Zazoo Beach Bar burst onto the scene in 2016 and quickly established itself as Wrocław's premier beach bar.

With its prime location nearby Hala Stulecia, the Odra and the zoo, Zazoo has had no problem attracting large crowds. This year should be no different.  








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Wrocław's biggest beach bar by some distance, Hotspot opened nearby the Millennium Bridge in June of last year.

Like Zazoo, they have also managed to woo many Wrocławian's to their summer bar – particularly on weekends. The area is big enough for people to play volleyball or badminton, while its location nearby Wrocław's popular outdoor pool is also handy. 

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