Jim Carrey Stars In Film Based On Wrocław Murder Mystery

The 1st trailer for 'Dark Crimes', a film starring Jim Carrey based on a true Wrocław murder mystery, is now available to watch on YouTube. 

The movie sees Carrey play the unfamilarly serious role as a Polish detective tasked with the challenge of hunting down a disturbed murderer. 

The film is based on the infamous case of Krystian B. (whose surname is withheld under Polish privacy laws). In 2007 he was convicted of murdering his ex-wife's lover in the year 2000. Krystian was linked to the case by a cell phone and calling card (please read here for more info), but also because of a disturbing book he had written called 'Amok'. 

According to indiewire.com, Carrey's character "sets out on a mission to link Kozlow to the murder, but his investigation leads to a dangerous fascination with the author and his girlfriend, a mysterious sex club worker played by Charlotte Gainsbourg."

Although the murder and subsequent investigation all occured in Wrocław, 'Dark Crimes' was shot in Krakow. According to Imdb, the film will be released in the USA on May 11th.

At the time of writing we do not have details on the Polish release date, however tuwrocław.com reports that it is available on some VOD platforms. Unfortunately, tuwroclaw.com also state that the film was badly recieved at its premiere at the Warsaw Film Festival back in 2016, which is perhaps why it has not been so widely distributed. 

For anyone interested on the article the film is based on, you can read David Grann's 'True Crime – A postmodern murder mystery' here.

Gregor Gowans

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