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Uber Eats Enters Wrocław’s Take-away Delivery Market

Uber Eats have entered Wrocław's hotly contested take-away delivery market.

According to Gazeta Wrocławska, an Uber Eats delivery costs 7.99zł and should take about 30 minutes.

You can choose from 75 restaurants taking orders seven days a week from 11am to 11pm. Pasibus, Shrimp House, Woo Thai, Szajnochy 11, Panda Ramen and Ahimsa are all among the cooperating restaurants.

Orders are made via the Uber Eats app, which is available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. The delivery cost of each order, regardless of how many items are transported, is 7.99zł. To see if your meal is on its way, you can also track the delivery via the Uber Eats app. 

As well as taking 7.99zł from each customer making an order, Uber Eats also earn 35% commission from the restaurants. In return, the restaurants have a professional photographer to come round and take attractive snaps of their meals. Uber Eats also promise every participating restaurant extra promotion. 

Uber Eats deliver meals either by car, bicycle or moped within a delivery zone spanning around 35 square kilometers. The border in the south is the Gaj estate, in the east the zoo area, in the north Kleczków, and in the west Szczepin. 

Uber Eats started operations in Poland last February when they launched in Warsaw. They now operate in 4 cities (Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow and Wrocław) and have 1.5 million users registered across the country. 

The take-away delivery market is becoming increasingly competitive, with the likes of Pyszne.pl, Pizzaportal.pl and Woopit all offering similar services to Uber Eats.

Gregor Gowans

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