Police Seek Those Involved In Fiat 126 Antics On Wyspa Słodowa

Wrocław police are looking for those involved in an incident whereby a car was driven through Wyspa Słodowa with rowdy revelers on its bonnet and roof.

The nobody was hurt in the incident, which seemed to provide a humorous spectacle for those who had gathered on the island at the weekend (the precise date of when this occurred has yet to be confirmed).

No action was taken by the authorities at the time of the incident. However, when a video of what happened appeared on YouTube on Sunday, Wrocław police decided they would try to find out who was involved.  

The video shows an iconic Fiat 126 slowly moving through the island with three guys sat on its bonnet, some of whom are holding a beer in their hand. Another man then jumps on the roof of the vehicle.

Wrocław police believe that the antics put other people's safety at risk, which is why they are now trying to identify the perpetrators. 

"We are conducting activities aimed at finding the driver of the car and the other participants in this incident. Their behaviour posed a threat to other people residing on Wyspa Słodowa."

Paweł Petrykowski, spokesman for the Lower Silesian police.

Gregor Gowans

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