Local Newspaper Details 4 Horrific Attacks On Ukrainians In Dolny Śląsk

Today Gazeta Wrocławska detailed the circumstances surrounding 4 horrific attacks on Ukrainians in Dolny Śląsk – some of which involved knives and even an axe. 

All four attacks, which occurred in towns and cities in Wrocław's Dolny Śląsk voivodeship, were brutal in nature.

Beaten, tortured and stripped

The first attack mentioned in the report regards a 34-year-old Ukrainian man who was resting on a bench in the city centre having done some shopping in Swidnica. According to Gazeta Wrocławska, two locals came to the man and offered him a few drinks under the false pretense of friendship. Presumably due to the strength of the alcohol they were consuming, the Ukrainian allegedly fell asleep at one point. He was then "brutally beaten" with "kicks and punches" and given a death threat. The attackers even went to the extent of sticking a knife to the Ukrainians' throat, before cutting the helpless man's ears and demanding money.

It didn't end there either, as the Ukrainian man was thrown into the boot of a car and taken into the middle of the forest. The two locals from Swidnica then stripped the Ukrainian naked and left him to find his way home. Luckily the man managed to find a nearby farm, where he could seek shelter and contact the emergency services. 

Unfortunately the local paper does not state if any of the men involved in the attack were punished, therefore it looks like they are still free men to this day.

However in another attack in the same city, two men did end up being sent to jail for their crimes. Arkadiusz O. and Artur D were sentenced to 3 and 1.5 years respectively for racially motivated assault. The unprovoked attack was carried out against 2 Ukrainian women and men. According to Tomasz Orepuk from the District Prosecutor's Office in Świdnica, the attack was purely motivated by the fact that the victims were talking with one another in Ukrainian.

Door wrecked by an axe

Another disturbing attack mentioned in Gazeta Wrocławska's report occurred in the town of Żarów last autumn. A man named as Patryk S was jailed for 2.5 years for an unprovoked attack on a Ukrainian in the stairwell of his apartment block. Patryk is said to have beaten the man and told him to "f*ck off to Ukraine". Patryk also threatened to beat up the man's partner. When the Ukrainian broke free and managed to reach the safety of his apartment, Patryk reportedly tried to break down the door with an axe. 

Beaten up in own stairwell

The last of the attacks mentioned involves a group of 4 Ukrainians working and living in Legnica. Alerted when their car (with Ukrainian number-plates) had its alarm go off, the 4 Ukrainians found a group of angry locals standing around their vehicle. They were then jumped on and attacked. The Ukrainians did manage to run into their apartment block, only to see their attackers smash down the door and beat them up in the stairwell. 

According to Wrocław based sociologist Anna Kozłowska, the antagonism towards Ukrainians stems from the belief that they are curtailing wage growth in Poland. She is also quoted as saying "It is a pity that we have already forgotten how we once left to work in Germany, or about how many of us are in Britain today. I do not think we would like to be treated like Ukrainians are here."  

Gregor Gowans

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