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‘Gold Train’ Concept Could Hit Wrocław’s Tram Tracks

A group of Wrocławians are planning to create a 'gold train' that would take tourists around Wrocław using the city's tram tracks. 

The 'Wrocławski Złoty Pociąg' association claim their project is about "promoting the culture and history of the region."

Their idea has sparked plenty of debate since it was first floated over a year ago. People from Walbrzych, which is nearby the spot where some believe a Nazi gold train is buried, are particularly unhappy about the project. They feel that the legend and mystique surrounding the gold train is relevant to their city and has nothing to do with Wrocław.

If constructed, the gold train would be based on an old tram modified to look like an armoured train.

The people behind the project hope to put the vehicle together in an old tram depot and have contacted MPK to see if the option is on the table.

Strangely for a tourist tour tram, the design does not include any windows or open seating area. Instead, passengers would look at large flat-screen monitors showing what's outside. The monitors would then momentarily display some archive photos or videos to show passengers how a particular spot looked like before WW2.

Gregor Gowans

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