Indian and Polish Men Hospitalised After Attack By Drunken Youths

Wrocław police have confirmed that 2 men from Wielkopolska have been arrested in connection with an alleged attack on a group of 3 men, 1 of whom was Indian.

According to Łukasz Dutkowiak of the Lower Silesian Police Department, a "quarrel" took place between a group of about five people. The fight broke out on the market square at around 9pm last night, in the area near the fountain. 

Speaking about the incident on a popular social media website, a witness of the fight stated that his "friend was beaten on the market square for being from India." He also added that "Boys in sweatshirts with an eagle" were the ones that institigated the attack. 

Two men, one from India and one from Poland, had to be taken to hospital as a result of the attack. Fortunately neither of them was seriously hurt. The other person who had been with them suffered only minor injuries and did not require hospital treatment. 

The two men arrested in connection with the incident were aged 18 and 19; both them were drunk

The news comes just a couple of months after a racist attack on an Indian man sparked a fight that saw 2 victims hospitalised. The man who stood in defence of the Indian man has since been awarded a complimentary trip to India by the Indian embassy.

Gregor Gowans

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