Medical Ethics Committee Investigate Psychiatrist’s Racist Posts

A Milicz based psychiatrist (who also works in Wrocław) is being investigated by the Medical Ethics Committee for making a series of xenophobic Facebook posts.

In the last two years Dr Krzysztof Klementowski has used Facebook to call a black girl "a monkey", while he has also expressed his satisfaction and amusement at a report claiming Google's algorithm can't distinguish between black people and gorillas.

In another Klementowski post from the summer of 2016, which was a reaction to a scandal about a shop assistant running a collection for "a rifle to shoot pakis", the psychiatrist replied "I'd throw in a tenner". 

In addition, Klementowski suggested that Blackburn "should be kept behind barbed wire" after reading a post about the English town's strong Muslim population. 

Polish people did not escape from Klementowski's social media bashing either. In one post he encouraged his Facebook followers to attack opposition activist Władysław Frasyniuk with a baseball bat. 

On top of that, Klementowski shared a quote by infamous Wrocław based ex-priest Jacek Międlar, who is well known for making antisemitic speeches. He has also shared a lot of other right-wing propaganda online, although most of those posts did not express or infer to any racism.

The President Of the Lower Silesian Medical Chamber has confirmed that Dr Krzysztof Klementowski has been referred to the Ethics Committee of the Lower Silesian Medical Council.

However, Maciej Biardzki, the President of the Medical Center in Milicz, told Gazeta Wyborcza that "Dr Krzysztof Klementowski's comments, irrespective of their content, do not constitute grounds for any disciplinary action on the part of the employer." 

Dr Artur Płachta, a gynecologist who is the vice-president of the Military Medical Chamber and the chairman of its Ethics Committee, had the following to say about the case:

"A doctor is in a profession of public trust. Any behavior inconsistent with general ethical principles is absolutely deserving of blame. Especially racist-based behavior, which is systemically considered punishable. No doctor should promote racism and xenophobia. At the core of any medical action is respect for human kind, regardless of any conditions."

Gregor Gowans

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